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A great convention, requires a great team. We are building a  dedicated team of Volunteers because without them, the convention could not function properly. We don’t ask much from our Volunteers, just ask that they come willing to work and make this the best possible experience for the fans. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time to check out the vendors, attend our panels,  and spend time with your friends!

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What's in it for our volunteers?

Well a free pass, of course! Plus, we’ll hook you up with a volunteer T-shirt, so that you can easy identified by our competitors, guests, and fans! The only requirements to volunteer are a willingness to work, a passion for Pokémon, and you must be at least 16 years of age. 

What is expected of our Volunteers?

We expect each of our volunteers to work a minimum of 12 hours of the course of our 3-day weekend. If this opportunity interests you, you should sign up early and respond to our emails. There are limited spots available for volunteers. 

What positions are available?

We need volunteers for wristband checking, line control, registration, collecting match slips, photography, programming/events, assisting with setup and tear down on stage, and much more. Let us know, how you’re interested in helping and we’ll try to find the right fit. 

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