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Pokécon Memphis is an exciting venue for exhibitors of all kinds to cater to a highly targeted demographic in the world of geekdom. Our schedule of events and competitions ensures our guests are a captive audience for the entire weekend event. Giving you an excellent opportunity to showcase your products or services. 

Golden Rod Dept. Store
$300 for 10x10 space

For Card, Comic, and Collectable Stores

Whether you deal in cards or TCG accessories, our event would be the perfect spot to connect directly with customers.

Sunyshore Market
$180 for 10x6 space

For fan art, crafts, and handmade goods.

We love local artists, handmade goods, and unique items. If you have arts and crafts that would be a good fit for our show, reach out to us and reserve your spot.

Shopping Mall #9
$240 dollars for 8x10 space

For everything else you can imagine.

If you don't quite fit into one of our other categories, it's ok. Anything that appeals to Pokémon fandom can be found here.

*Note: Due to the Event Center’s Policy, we can not accept food or drink vendors. 



  • While we generally offer our space on a first-come, first-served basis, we may limit the types of vendors in each area to provide for a diversity of offerings. 
  • Celedon Dept. Store space is reserved for vendors of official Pokemon merchandise, licensed collectibles, and accessories.
  • Sunyshore Market is reserved for original arts and crafts. 
  • Sunyshore Market preference will be given to artists based on uniqueness, and originality. 
  • Vendors in other Vendor Hall areas, including Shopping Mall #9, may offer a diversity of selections that appeal to our fans. 
  • Vendor hall hours vary each day. (Check the schedule for details.)
  • All vendor space is offered on a commission-free basis. 
  • Artist spaces are priced at an average of $1 per square foot per day
  • All vendor space includes a table and cloth. (If needed.) 
  • Each vendor space includes a complimentary vendor admission pass. (Additional passes may be purchased through our official Ticketing outlet.)
  • Vendors are not permitted to hang anything on the convention room walls.  
  • Electricity can be routed to all spaces at no additional cost (However, it is recommended that  Vendors bring their own extension cords.)r

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