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Content Creator

LindzVidzz (Lindz) is a Pokemon gaming channel that has a passion and desire to make a difference in the world. The channel has an incredible focus towards Mental Health Advocacy and is a safe place for all viewers. We have raised thousands of dollars for organizations such as "Stop AAPI Hate" and "United Way." By clicking 'subscribe' you are not only furthering the mission to make a positive impact on as many people as possible, but finding yourself a safe place to call home that is filled with acceptance and compassion for others. Thank you for stopping by!


Content Creator, Puppets & Pranks

PeterPrankster is a content creator who specializes in family-friendly comedic conversations with people using puppets. He has almost 2 Million followers on TikTok where he publishes various video series including telling people their celebrity lookalikes, a surprise boyband, and even a gasping cat! Check out his content and meet him at Pokecon 2022!


Host of Pokécon Memphis

A content creator with Team Triforce TCG, will be bringing you hilarious on stage content, including game shows where you can win great prizes, if you know your Pokémon Trivia.


Content Creator

Hey everyone! My name is Vandy and welcome to my channel. I upload anything and everything Nintendo here at least three times a week! Want Let's Plays? Want information about updates? Want a place to relax, laugh, and have fun? This is the channel for you :]


Not a person, but a car!

Coming all the way from Charlotte, NC You can check out this awesome vehicle, which has been autographed by Michael Haigney, the voice of Charmander & Tara Sands, the voice of Bulbasuar. We're pretty sure it'll pick up a few more autographs while visiting Pokécon Memphis.

TCG Giants

Content Creators

One of the fastest growing content creator groups on Drip, breaking Pokémon boxes, ripping packs, and giving away all kinds of good stuff.


All The Fun Stuff

The bring the fun stuff. From plushies to cards made of solid gold, they have it all. They're running side events to raise money for a good cause, to raise money for Feed Our Starving Children. You'll want to stop buy play some games, do a little shopping, and say hello.

Benimaru Itoh

Art Director & TCG Artist

One of Nintendo's most popular artists, and former member of the Board of Directors of Creatures, Inc., the company behind the Pokémon Games, Benimaru Itoh, will be joining the festival virtually - all the way from Japan, participating in panels, regarding the Pokemon TCG and Video Game series.

Not only was he an early TCG artist and the concept director for the Pokémon Center NY, but he also was the art director for hit titles such as Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Stadium. This rare appearance, gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the early development of the game. He worked extensively on advertising for many of the early Pokémon Titles, but is most popularly known for his work on the Metroid & StarFox comics in Nintendo Power.

Mystery Guest


Confirming guests takes time, as soon as we work out the nitty gritty details, we'll announce this guest.

DJ Dett

All The Fun Stuff

Resident DJ from TheWaveVR, Beat Syndicate, TribeXR, and various VRChat clubs, DJ Dett is usually spinning records in the meta verse, but we've brought him out so you can hear his incredible Pokémon remixes. The show that he and Stringbean are putting on will immerse you in an aural and visual experience that is second to none.

DJ Stringbean

Pokémon Dance Party

One of the hottest disk jockeys in the South will be on the 1s and 2s to spin fire hits and mix electrifying new creations. Taking inspiration from the Pokémon anime and movies and remixing them with tunes from the games. (Friday Night)



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