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Friday Night, November 18th.

A last day friendly competition in a more casual format, where trainers are limited to only one type of Pokémon one one copy of each card (spare energy). This interesting take on the game, challenges players to adapt to new strategies as they taken on the role of a Gym Leader, someone traditionally limited to a specific Pokémon type. (Sunday)

We’re awarding at least three booster boxes in prizes! Don’t delay, register today!

Format Information

This is a Gym Leader Challenge event, which has it’s own unique rules. 

  • Your deck can only contain one type of Pokémon.
  • Only one of each card with the same name allowed in a deck, except for Basic Energy.
  • Cards with a Rule Box are not allowed.
  • ACE SPEC cards are not allowed.
  • Legal Cards: Black & White – onwards
  • 60 card decks are built & 6 Prize games are played with the most current Pokemon TCG rules.
  • Your deck can not contain any cards on the banned card list.

Tournament Overview

This is a one day tournament will utilize the Swiss Pairing system.  Unlike our Main Event tournament, each round of the tournament will use a single match per round. There are no age divisions, all players are welcome to enter. 

Registration Information

This may be an unofficial Pokémon Tournament, but it comes with the opportunity to win official cards and of course all the bragging rights that come along with winning. 

You can register online for this event online. The cost of entry into the main event is only $20. Which also includes a $15 off ticket for the purchase of an Adult 3-day Pass. 

Participant Requirements & Prizing Details

This tournament will run, with the minimum prize payouts listed below, as long as at 24 players sign up. Additional prizing will be announced based on attendance.

Prize Table

Minimum Payouts

First Place

  • Takes home a Sealed Booster Box
  • BCW Deck Box LX 100 
  • Champion Playmat

2nd Place

  • Takes home a Sealed Booster Box
  • BCW Deck Box LX 100 

3rd Place

  • Takes home 18 Booster Packs
  • BCW Deck Box LX 100 

4th Place

  • Takes home 18 Booster Packs
  • BCW Deck Box LX 100 

*Additional prizing could be announced if entry exceeds expectations

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