FAQ (And Answers)

The Basics General Questions

Pokécon Memphis is sure to be The Pokévent of the Season. This is the largest Pokémon-themed convention in the South. Whether you’re a fan of the anime, card game, or video game, we have something for you.

Yes, our host The Memphis Music Room, will have a selection of food available at the Battle Cafe, so attendees don’t have to go hungry. 

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. We’ll even have a cosplay contest on Saturday. 

No, it does not. Your pass includes all of the scheduled events, including performances and game shows. 

No. The cosplay contest, kids coloring contest, and most other activities can be enjoyed at no additional cost. 

The only events which have an additional fees are the trading card game and video game competitions, their associated side events, and special guest autograph sessions.  That said, many of our special guests are happy to meet you and take selfies free of charge. (Just ask nicely.)

Yes, because they involve significant staffing-related and prizing related costs. 

Yes, you may bring a backpack. How else would you bring your trade binders? All bags are subject to inspection. 

No. Pokécon Memphis is an all ages event. However, if you are under the age of 13, you will need to have a parent or guardian with you. 

This is an all ages event. An ID is only required if you plan to purchase adult beverages from the Juice Shoppe. But, no worries, we’ll also have plenty of other beverages available. Please note, that per the guidance and rules of Organized Play alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the competition hall. They must remain in the main venue.  

Each day of the event has it’s own opening and closing time. You will want to check the full schedule for all the details. The convention doors open at 4pm on Friday and close at 4pm on Sunday. 

The con is happening November 18th-20th, 2022, in Memphis, TN at the Memphis Music Room.  

The Memphis Music Room event center is located at 5770 Shelby Oaks Drive, Memphis, TN 38134. 

Registration Details

Pokécon Memphis is sure to be The Pokévent of the Season. This is the largest Pokémon-themed convention in the South. Whether you’re a fan of the anime, card game, or video game, we have something for you.

This event will go on sale early September. When we release tickets, we will announce it on our official social media channels. And activate the ticket links on our home page. You should follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you don’t miss it. 

Tickets to the event are only available on Ticketmaster, at the box office, or at a Ticketmaster approved outlet.

No. In order to fairly allocate tickets, no presales will take place. Everyone will have the same opportunity to purchase tickets, when they drop. 

Pokécon Memphis tickets non-refundable and all sales are considered final. In the event you are unable to attend, you should consider making your ticket available on Ticketmaster’s official resale outlet. 

Yes, single day tickets will be available. But, if you plan to attend more than one day, the three day pass is your best option. 

Guest Relations

Pokécon Memphis is sure to be The Pokévent of the Season. This is the largest Pokémon-themed convention in the South. Whether you’re a fan of the anime, card game, or video game, we have something for you.

Yes, we are working on confirming several more key personalities. When they are fully confirmed we will announce them here and on our social media channels. 

If you’re someone who has done something significant for the Pokemon Company or for the Pokémon Community, drop us a line. Whether you’ve worked on the video games, trading card game, anime, or with the Pokémon franchise in some other capacity we’d like to hear from you. We would also consider popular social media personalities that are known by the Pokemon community. 

Even if we have not already reached out to you, it’s ok. We’ll review your inquiry and do a bit of research to see if you’d be a good fit for our show. However, please understand that we already have a number of appearance deals in the works. So, please do not be offended if we turn you down or do not reply back, even if you offer to attend for free. The limited size of the event means that we can’t possibly afford or manage to have every personality at the convention. Our focus is limited to figures that are primarily known by the Pokémon fan base. We seek to provide the most engaging experience possible for those fans. 

Much like how we select our vendors, we select our guests based on what is currently popular in Pokémon fandom. We try to provide diversity and balance with our selections. Once, we’ve decided on potential guests, we reach out to them to offer an invitation.

Soon after, if a guest confirms availability and accepts our offer, we will announce the guest on our website and social media channels. Unless an invited guest is fully confirmed, we can not announce their appearance. Similarly, we are unable to confirm or deny if someone has been invited as a guest. 

Sure, we’d love to know who you have in mind. If we find that they are a good fit for our event, we might reach out to them to see if we can’t make it happen. Just keep in mind, that these appearance deals often take months of planning in advance. 

Well, you can certainly submit a proposal. Keep in mind though that this is a themed convention & competition. If you’ve got something unique that stands out to us, we will consider it. 

No. We will continue announcing guests & events as the event nears. Sometimes, fully confirming a guest is a long process. 

Panelist Questions

We love panels that add to the knowledge, enjoyment, and experience of our fans. 

If you have an idea for a panel or workshop, we invite you to submit a proposal. We actually have a secondary panel room (Celadon University) set up for exactly this purpose. But, it must be relevant and appropriate for our event. We will select panelists based on the uniqueness of their offering. 

No, it does not cost anything to run a panel at Pokécon Memphis. Similarly, we do not offer any financial incentive to host a panel, except to our invited special guests.

No. All panel proposals should include a list of participants. Due to privacy considerations, we can not provide the personal contact information of any other panelist or guest, no matter how great your idea is. 

Celadon University can be found in one of our break out rooms in Vendor Hall. It has limited seating available. Events requiring large capacities or additional space my have to happen on the main stage and will be considered on a case by case basis. 

A television monitor, microphone, and speaker are available. 

Yes, but because wi-fi networks can be unreliable when thousands of attendees are using it, we suggest having all materials necessary for your panel downloaded before your panel to ensure smooth playback. 

Yes, we are looking for proposals that:

  • Directly relate to Pokémon in some capacity. They can be serious or humorous, educational or just for fun, but what is most important is that it is relevant to the Pokémon fan base. 
  • Are engaging and interactive. Despite the name Celadon University, we aren’t looking for boring lectures. 
  • Are well thought out and include supporting materials. Be sure to include information on why it will be successful. 
  • Come from experienced professionals or interesting personalities. We don’t mind if it’s a little quirky, but we do expect professionalism.

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