Convention Policy

General Rules Code of Conduct

We want everyone to enjoy a safe and fun time at Pokécon Memphis. Any behavior that harasses, threatens, or harms other attendees is unacceptable. 

Any illegal or disruptive conduct may result in ejection from Pokécon Memphis and/or arrest. Examples of unacceptable behavior includes any act of theft, vandalism, or disorderly conduct. 

No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the convention. Please use the designated outdoor areas for smoking. 

Your badge or wristband is our way of identifying you. Pokécon Memphis reserves the right to deny entry to any part of the convention to anyone who does not display a valid credential. 

All attendees under 13 should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Parents will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children. 

Everyone who participates in Play! Pokémon events to keep these principles in mind—fun, fairness, honesty, respect, sportsmanship, and learning. 

Our competitions are ran by Pokémon Memphis, one of the oldest continuously operating Pokémon Leagues in the country. Players should check the official Rules and Standards, for up to date guidelines. 

Certain areas of the event center may be designated for staff only. You should not enter any prohibited area. You should follow any direction given to you by a staff member. 

Dress Code Rules For Cosplay

Pokémon Memphis welcomes cosplayers, but would like to remind you that this is an all ages event. Please use good judgment and common sense, when choosing your costume. 

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Prohibited Items

Safety & Fairness Matter Most.

While, we don’t limit your cosplay choices to Pokémon characters… we do have some limitations on what’s allowed. No weapons, real or fake, are permitted in the building. Pokémon Trainers battle it out with monsters not weapons. 

We do not permit outside beverages to be brought into the building. The Memphis Music Room event center has soda, water, and other drink options available. 

Food and beverages are available for purchase from official vendors. We do not permit outside food or beverages, except as necessary for special dietary needs. Further, for Pokémon’s official guidance, food cannot be consumed in the competition hall and should only be consumed in designated areas (main hall).

Any illegal substance abuse will be reported to the appropriate authorities. 

Only official merchandise and original fan art is allowed. Anyone caught with counterfeit goods, will be ejected from the venue. 

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